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The Ignite Wanaka Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly business networking and social evenings called Business After Six. Each month a member host invites others in the community to hear about their business, providing drinks and nibbles in a social setting. It’s a great way to meet others in the community, catch up with friends and work associates.

Please email if you are interested in hosting.  Get in quick as this is a popular event.

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Koru Clinic




Weds 27 June

The rates of brain-related disorders are alarmingly high today and steadily growing. Both conventional and alternative forms of medicine have been caught off guard and are ill equipped to effectively manage a mushrooming patient population

As the South Island’s only board registered Functional Neurologist, Dr Stefan Billing knows brains!

Stefan Billing has an extensive education pedigree spanning 25 years; starting back in 1994 at Auckland University of Technology, 4 years at University of Waikato and earned a double major Bachelors of Science degree (physiology and psychology), and 4 years at the prestigious NZ College of Chiropractic.

Following 4 years of practice he decided to take his Chiropractic Studies to the top of the Chiropractic specialty ladder and in August 2014 sat my DACNB which is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

Deciding to change professional fields (and a glutton for punishment!) another 4 year residency in Functional Neurology studying in London, (PG Dip Clinical Neuroscience) Amsterdam (FABVR), San Francisco and Florida (FABBIR). ​Dr Billing a candidate for a FABVR (Fellowship in Vestibular Rehabilitation)  taking completion papers for FABBIR (Residency) Fellowship in the American Board of Brain Injury Rehabilitation and is a candidate for a FACFN (Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology).

Dr Billing says “Extensive experience with complex cases has shown that you can’t just rehab the brain and neurons- you have to fix the brain support mechanisms and its’ fuel delivery and oxygen delivery as well”. Therefore to ensure that he stays current with the growing chronic autoimmunity and chronic inflammation diseases (which for 8 out of the top 10 health issues in New Zealand), Dr Billing is studying with the Institute of Functional Medicine for the post doctoral certification of AMFCP, Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice. This ensures he is well prepared to be a leader in Integrative Health Care.

Dr Billing has retrained to place himself at the forefront of the approaching tidal wave of chronic health conditions which the aging population has been harboring and developing through out their life, also living in a high risk of head trauma region such as the Queenstown Lakes adventure playground where high level athletes and every day people are out enjoying high risk outdoor activities what better place to have a brain rehab specialist?

Functional Neurology Therapy approach focuses on brain function, which is commonly overlooked in health care today, impacts metabolic function and vice versa. By assessing and identify brain disorders, effective ways to address them, and how to support brain health both neurologically and metabolically. Functional Neuology is pioneering in this new paradigm of health care so urgently needed today where metabolic issues, chronic inflammation, autoimmune issues and brain degeneration or brain injury are so prevalent and not being effectively addressed by the current health care model.

Based in a purpose built clinic in Albert Town, The Koru Clinic provides fully integrated healthcare,  Functional Neurology, Consultant Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression therapy, Functional Medicine, FxMed Lab diagnostic testing, Prescription Nutraceuticals. Dr Stefan still provides expert Chiropractic care for residents of Wanaka

Come along and hear why Dr Stefan Billing knows that brain health is the most important part of healthcare and how the treatments he offers can address the underlying causes of modern lifestyle diseases following The Koru Clinic business ethos of “life, growth, movement and new beginnings”, which you will recognise as the meaning of the word “koru”.

26-July –  Accounts Office