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The Ambassador Programme is an entertaining, informative course that explores what makes this region special. The course provides you with information that tourists might need, explores the history of the region, creates an awareness of some simple tools to connect with people and builds culture understanding of our growing tourism markets.


The course is open to everyone and has the full backing and support of the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Regardless of the destination it is always the contact with locals that cements the appeal of a location and a desire to return or encourage others to visit. This is a great initiative which will have huge benefits for the Queenstown Lakes and one that I whole-heartedly support and encourage everyone to participate in.”

~ Vanessa Van Uden, Former Mayor of Queenstown.

Course Outcomes:

People do business with people they like.  Having a good base of local knowledge allows for greater opportunities to connect with your customers.  A focus on the things that cost you nothing lead to the best customer experience.

Strengthen your connection to your place and community.  Understand the history, respect the past, show pride in your town and develop your local knowledge to connect to others.

Practice great customer service.  Take pride in what you do, build culture and knowledge, reputation and brand consistency.  We look at the growing markets of China and India and how we can more authentically connect with these visitors.

Ambassador helps your team grow your business and provides tools to connect with customers to ensure a more consistent customer experience.

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To Register:
Via QRC’s website
Email training@qrc.ac.nz
phone 03 409 0500

For further information please download the Ambassador Fact Sheet or visit QRC’s website.