Women’s Business Morning

The popular Women’s Coffee Mornings are a great way to network with like-minded women in the community from all areas of business.

You’ll also hear from some inspirational and thought provoking speakers. Remember this invite can be extended to all female members of your business and is a great networking and social opportunity.

Please RVSP for catering purposes to naomi@wanakachamber.co.nz 

Events held 10-11am. $5 Members and $10 Non-members payable cash on the day.


Mandy Bell – Criffel Station

Weds 15 August 2018, 10-11am
Wanaka Hotel

$5 Members. Includes tea, coffee and scones.

Non-members very welcome – $10. Cash payable on the day.

Please RVSP for catering purposes to naomi@wanakachamber.co.nz

Mandy’s focus is One Health – health for water, environment, animals and people. Mandy’s whakapapa includes a number of New Zealand’s farming and agribusiness pioneers, she grew up on sheep and beef farms in Otago and Canterbury and holidayed with family and grandparents for many years in Wanaka. Criffel Station is base for Mandy, husband Jerry and their three children Penelope, Henry and Jemima. Criffel is also home to a large number of deer and hosts visitors from around NZ and the globe.

Over the years she has strengthened her farming, veterinary and business skills with research, practice in veterinary science and, most recently, business studies at Melbourne Business School. Her business interests range from an integrated supply chain of veterinary products to a biotech company with a diagnostic test for Crohn’s Disease.  Today Mandy integrates her One Health principles into a continuum of health across farming, business start-ups, agri-tourism and community projects.

With the increasing global challenges facing agriculture and our communities, Mandy believes that the way we work together requires a paradigm shift if we are going to create sustainable, profitable and healthy businesses and products going forwards.  Future thinking, courageous leadership and collaboration will create the space for open conversations to increase awareness and the development of solutions.

At this stage of life we each have many learnings, experiences and networks that we can bring to the table to add value to the future that our grandchildren will inherit. Challenges and opportunities!