Women’s Business Morning

The popular Women’s Coffee Mornings are a great way to network with like-minded women in the community from all areas of business. You’ll also hear from some inspirational and thought provoking speakers. Remember this invite can be extended to all female members of your business and is a great networking and social opportunity.

Edgewater Resort
$5 Members. Includes tea, coffee and scones.

Non-members very welcome – $10.  Cash payable on the day.

Please RVSP for catering purposes to naomi@wanakachamber.co.nz 

Weds 20 September – Dr Helen Anderson

Dr Helen Anderson is a leader who has extensive experience in research, government and business.

Leadership magic – it’s in all of us

Helen will speak about some of the things she’s learned in her own leadership journey.  She’s gone from being an expert working on earthquakes, has run a government department and now is involved in many organisations as a director.  She’s still learning lots, especially from her Advisory Board role for a privately held company. She loves Wanaka and has been coming here many times each year for as long as she can remember.  

Helen has a PhD in seismology from Cambridge University and was an active researcher in geophysics. Helen was brought up in Dunedin where she went to Columba College, which has recently honoured her as 2016 Distinguished Alumna. She has been spending her holidays at Wanaka since she was four and you may see her accompanying her disabled son on his favourite holiday activity – riding into town on his specially adapted mountain trike.


Weds 25 October – Sharyn Mathias – Owner Florences Cafe and Store

Sharyn Mathias, a former primary school teacher, and now owner of Florences Foodstore & Café on the outskirts of Wanaka, has had a varied life.

Originally from Auckland, Sharyn has been living in Wanaka for eight years and visiting for thirty.  As a teacher in Auckland, she and her teaching colleague, both young mothers but also wanting to still be in the workforce, and with the support from the school they were teaching in, were the model for the Shared Teaching policy for the Ministry of Education.

Just when she should have been thinking of retirement, life threw a curve ball to Sharyn, which brought her to Wanaka.

How what we often view as failures in our lives, can sometimes lead to what are our successes, and how do we measure those successes?

Sharyn will share her story and thoughts on the meaning of success. And as they say in the movies…some parts may be disturbing!