By targeting consumers directly, E-commerce can offer businesses a range of benefits, from marketing opportunities to increasing your product range and generating more sales with an optimised and well developed website. 

If you are are looking to take your business online or start a new E-commerce business, then register for the workshops below. 

The workshops are both a full day in duration and will be delivered online via Zoom.

Monday 14-September (Full Day)
This practical one day workshop is for online businesses looking to
take their ecommerce to the next level. Filled with real-life examples
and recommended tools this workshop aims to help businesses
understand opportunities within their ecommerce offering and
optimise their site to delight their customers.

This workshop will cover:
Uncovering opportunities
● How to audit your website
● Maximise your ecommerce customer service
● Tools to help you grow
● Delighting your customers

Optimising your site
● Measurement and reporting
● How to optimise your conversion funnel
● Maximising conversions
● Upselling and cross selling
● Driving up your AOV

Scaling your online store
● Marketing automation
● Building trust online, developing loyalty and referrals
● Finding new customers through marketing
● Collaborations and partnerships
● The latest trends and platforms

For more information or to register please email Geoff at Wanaka Tourism (

Monday, 14th September, 2020
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.